What is Sino Records?

China during the majority of the 20th century suffered greatly from instability and turmoil, struggling to adjust into the modern world. Despite the well-documented nature of 20th century China’s history, there are many small and obscure parts of it not yet widely known to the rest of the world. This project, Sino Records, will be an honest and humble attempt to bring to light these obscure chapters of Chinese history to the world. The subject matter this project will cover can include but is not limited to: military, economies, conflicts, and persons of historical significance.

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My name is Leo and I have an innate passion and interest for 20th Century Chinese history (and East Asian history in general) which I would love to share with the rest of the world. Though being an amateur writer and researcher of history, I firmly believe that I can make a contribution to the ever growing chapters of history with my project, Sino Records. I do expect to make some mistakes along the way, but I wholeheartedly welcome feedback and criticism to help me improve my work. Please note that the contents on this site do not reflect my political beliefs as I solely wish to present objective content on Chinese and East Asian history.

Thank you for visiting Sino Records, and I hope to count on your support for as long as this project of mine lasts!